A stylish cafe which has an inspiration from the vintage collection shop named ‘Storia’. It is decorated from the desire of brand owner who wanted to build a cafe with classic and Europe style. Just chill out with Bar Storia del Caffè! Our friend will relieve your stress from city life with a café and […]


Thongyoy café is Thai traditional dessert & fusion dessert and it is inspired by the owner of Thai traditional dress “Thongyoy”. The café’ s atmosphere will make your feeling like you are having the journey, you wake up, you relax, and it is the beginning of your summer holiday in tropical country. “Thongyou” is suitable […]


The lovely and cosy cafe with the 60s style located in Ari. The shop was named as ‘Oh Vacoda’ which has an inspiration from the spoonerism, the word ‘avocado’, the main ingredient of the menu in this cafe such as drink, food or even dessert. Besides, the cafe owners also believe that avocado is a […]


This sushi restaurant is owned by a group of chefs who have each been in the business for more than 15 years. This is also a restaurant which has a wide selection of Japanese dishes of all kinds, including Sashimi, all kinds of Sushi and Hibachi dishes too.


Meet the most famous butter doughnut store at Ari! The doughnuts which glazed with butter and icing are ready to touch your tongue. Let the softness gently melt in your mouth. Our lovely neighbour, KINU DONUT prepares to serve the sweet and scented doughnuts for you.


SATI Handcraft Coffee is the unique cafe in a concept of handcraft that presents the procedure of making coffee with hands. This cafe also has a concept of natural urban lifestyle that links people in the city to get closer to the nature. The style and decoration of the cafe are completely perfect for relaxing […]


Calm Spa Ari, the calm and quiet spa that will take you to the real relaxation. The concept of this place is focused on the wishes of city man who wants to escape from the chaos and anarchy of the society. So, the decoration of it is designed with a natural style to cure people’s […]

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