Josh Hotel promotion save up to 22%

Hello traveller! We are approaching busy season again and this is the trick of how to save on your stay. We will tell you the secret to book and earn 10% all the way up to 22% off. Here are all the details of days in advance you can book and get discounts. *Condition : […]

Guide: Explore and enjoy Bangkok like local.

We’d like to introduce you to these places that local loved to spend time besides all the typical Things-To-Do. You can visit all of them by BTS without worries. All of them are in the close proximity to our lovely Josh Hotel. Jodd Fair Let’s start with Jodd fair Danneramit. This place is the 2nd […]

Mr.Josh Chill&Grill. How this happens.

How did we come up with this? Well, we’d our customer to experience BBQ in Mediterranean style grill. Which we bring this experience from our Ari neighborhood to Ratburana as a pop-up restaurant by Chao Phraya river at Nue Riverest Ratburana, a soon-to-be condominium developed by Noble development. This created a new vibe that people […]

Who is Mr.Josh

“Waiting for the journey of someone like you” Mr. Josh is an experienced traveler who has been traveling around the world and he decided to bring his experiences to Ari and built the stylish hotel called Josh Hotel. Josh Hotel, a mid century lifestyle We are a small stylish hotel located in the hippest neighborhood […]

Josh Hotel Promotion

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